About Me

The best creative ideas tend to create some chaos.

These ideas are never easy to present, to buy or to make - but if you are brave enough they will change your brand, your sales curve and possibly your life. A talking baby for E*TRADE, blindfolded dumpster-diving for Febreze, 1000 unique songs for names on Cokes, French's Mustard Ice Cream, Wendy as a mega-influencer and most recently Pete Davidson living smarter for Smartwater.

Not for the faint of heart.

Early in my career I co-founded two successful South African advertising agencies — Joe Public and FoxP2. Joe Public blew up the agency model completely, opening as a take-away corner store where you could order advertising off a menu – Joe is currently the #1 agency in the country based on size and awards. FoxP2 was named after ‘the creativity gene’ in humans, was housed in a lab and has been a creative force for over fifteen years. Fox sold to Dentsu in 2021.

My need to viciously attack business problems with creativity, to be hyper-collaborative and to diversify the ranks of advertising creatives through education and hiring and mentoring are what drive me.

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My Timeline

South Africa-USA-South Africa-USA (for keeps)

  • Founder, CCO

    Murder Hornet

    Clients: Zoom, Bumble, New York Life, TAZO Tea

  • 2023
  • Chief Creative Officer


    Clients: Wendy's, The North Face, Intel, Dick's Sporting Goods, Elanco, NAPA Auto Parts, QuckTrip etc

  • 2020
  • Chief Creative Officer

    Fitzgerald & Co

    Clients: The Coca Cola Company, SONY Mobile, Turner Broadcasting, Navy Federal Credit Union, Synovus Bank, Carrabba’s, Clio Awards.

  • 2011
  • Executive Creative Director

    Grey Group New York City

    Clients: E*TRADE, P&G, Diageo, truTV, Unigroup, Allianz

  • 2008
  • Owner/Creative Director

    FoxP2 Advertising

    Clients: Wonderbra, National Geographic Kids Magazine, Diageo, Coronation Asset Management, National Brands Beverages,

  • 2005
  • Managing Partner/Exec CD

    Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners

    Clients: Cisco Systems, Vegas.com, San Francisco Giants, Diageo, Barnes & Noble, Ubisoft, BBC America

  • 2002
  • Owner/Creative Director

    Joe Public

    Clients: SA Breweries, US Aid, Siemens, Investec

  • 1998
  • Senior Writer

    The Jupiter Drawing Room

    Experience: Red Bull Energy Drink, Syfrets Financial, The Financial Mail Newspaper, Sissy Boy Jeans Fashion, Musica Retail Music Stores

  • 1995
  • Copywriter

    Tholet Sievers & Associates

    Experience: J&B Whiskey, Smirnoff Vodka, Bertrams Brandy, Goodyear Tyres, Mobil Oil, John Deere Tractors, Old Mutual Financial

  • 1992